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Package net.time4j.engine

Defines the common generic schemes and interfaces of chronological systems.

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Package net.time4j.engine Description

Defines the common generic schemes and interfaces of chronological systems. Users which only need an entry point to standard chronologies should rather consult the main package net.time4j.

Ein chronologisches System contains chronological elements and (as time axis) also time units. Given a concrete time point on a time axis the (primary) elements compose the coordinates of the time point on this time axis which is directed into future. This time axis might be the global UTC-timeline. In general a time axis is mathematically spoken a line where a time point is described by some suitable coordinates. This time axis is also scaled by mean of a system of fixed predefined time units. These units mainly serve for the time arithmetic and calculations of durations/distances on a time axis.

The main difference between elements and units is such that elements directly refers to the state of a time point and are dimension-less like coordinates on a time axis while time units have the dimension of a length respective duration.

The available abstractions of this package allow type-safety and also the necessary flexibility in order to build new chronologies from the scratch. Concrete implementations either start with the base class TimePoint or with the date class Calendrical and register elements, time units and calculation rules in the associated Chronology which contains the chronological logic.

Values of elements are usually modelled as integers but can also be defined in other types like enums. The value range of an int-primitive is usually no real limitation because each chronology can define sufficiently large elements (with small precision). For example a GPS-time also knows a week element. The detailed value range of a chronological element is documented in the concrete element types.

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