Interface CalendarEra

All Known Implementing Classes:
BadiEra, ChineseEra, CopticEra, EthiopianEra, FrenchRepublicanEra, HebrewEra, HijriEra, HinduEra, HistoricEra, IndianEra, JucheEra, KoreanEra, MinguoEra, Nengo, PersianEra, ThaiSolarEra

public interface CalendarEra

Represents an era in a calendar system.

An era is date-related and defines a reference date which can be interpreted as start or end of an era. Not all calendar systems know an era concept, however. Especially all ISO-calendar systems have no era according to ISO-8601-standard. If an era exists in a given calendar system then the meaning of a year changes such that it means the year of an era counting as positive number from >= 1.

Meno Hochschild
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    Yields the canonical non-localized name.
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      String name()

      Yields the canonical non-localized name.