Package net.time4j.history

package net.time4j.history

Support for the historical ancestors of modern ISO-8601-standard.

  • Class Summary
    Represents a historic leap year pattern for the early days of julian calendar before AD 8.
    Represents the chronological history of calendar reforms in a given region.
    Determines the preferred historic era to be used for printing a historic date.
    Defines a historic date which consists of era, year of era, month and day of month.
    Determines the begin of a given historic year.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    Provides procedures how to determine Easter Sunday.
    Represents a historic era dividing the local timeline at roughly the point of Jesu birth in the context of the julian/gregorian calendar.
    Defines a listing of common historic new year rules.
    Defines different strategies how to handle the difference between the standard calendar year from first of January to end of December and historic years which follow different new year rules.