Package net.time4j.clock

package net.time4j.clock

Contains miscellaneous clock implementations.

  • Interface Summary
    Contains the configuration parameters of a connection to an internet time server.
    Represents a configuration for a connection to a NTP-Server.
  • Class Summary
    Abstract base clock implementation which allows local views within any timezone.
    Allows miscellaneous adjustments to any clock.
    Represents a connection to a DAYTIME-server following the old norm RFC 867.
    Represents a fixed clock which always display the same current time.
    Represents a connection to a web server via the HTTP-protocol in order to evaluate the DATE-header of the HTTP-response.
    Represents an abstract connection object to an internet time server.
    Connects to a modern time server using the NTP-protocol.
    Message for the SNTP-protocol (RFC 4330).