Package net.time4j.base

package net.time4j.base

Abstract minimum interface of Time4J.

This package defines some elementary interfaces which can be used in external libraries and offers a minimized view on the gregorian calendar system which is the standard in most countries and the UNIX time which is widely spread in computer world.

  • Interface Summary
    Defines a common calendar date which is based on gregorian calendar rules.
    TimeSource<T extends UnixTime>
    Represents any kind of clock as source of current world time.
    Represents any UNIX timestamp.
    Defines a wall time on an analogue clock conforming to ISO-8601 in the range T00:00:00 - T24:00:00.
  • Class Summary
    Contains some calendrical tools for the rules of gregorian calendar.
    Defines some mathematical routines which are needed in calendrical calculations.
    Defines a general access point of loading any text resources and services.